Set up a blog with Deno!


Setup a Blog is easy these days!

We have so many options! Currently, blogs are often generated by a tool called Static Site Generator. Which usually take Markdown files as inputs.

Solid choices

Here are some popular and solid choices:

Newer choices

But as a new tech enthusiast, I got some newer choices:


In this post, I want to talk about deno_blog. Which is have minimal API. And if you used it with Deno Deploy, you can launch your blog in seconds for real!

Create a new blog with one command

Firstly you need to install Deno CLI on your machine! Please check The Official At here shortly, if you use a Mac/Linux machine please run the:

curl -fsSL | sh

You may be asked a few questions, then your Deno CLI should be set up. Secondly, as usual, you can check The Official, and here shortly. Just run:

deno run -r --allow-read --allow-write ./my_new_blog
cd my_new_blog

And BOOM! Your new blog was set up. Run deno task dev to see how beautiful it is!

Config your blog

Although your new blog is already beautiful enough and is ready to go, we can do something more. Check out the main.tsx

/** @jsx h */

import blog, { ga, h, redirects } from "blog";

  title: "My Blog",
  description: "This is my new blog.",
  // header: <header>Your custom header</header>,
  // section: <section>Your custom section</section>,
  // footer: <footer>Your custom footer</footer>,
  avatar: "",
  avatarClass: "rounded-full",
  author: "An author",
  // middlewares: [

  // If you want to set up Google Analytics, paste your GA key here.
  // ga("UA-XXXXXXXX-X"),

  // If you want to provide some redirections, you can specify them here,
  // pathname specified in a key will redirect to pathname in the value.
  // redirects({
  //  "/hello_world.html": "/hello_world",
  // }),

  // ]

It already told us almost everything you CAN and you NEED to config your new blogger. As my recommendation for addition configs:

  • Add theme: "auto"
  • Add your GA key
  • add links:
links: [
  { title: "Email", url: "" },
  { title: "GitHub", url: "" },
  { title: "Twitter", url: "" },

Launch it at Deno Deploy

Follow the official steps to set your new blog up with Deno Deploy. The ONLY one could be called Blazing fast service. It is really that fast, Byu!